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  Christmas USA introduces EnergyRight™ Super Bright Commercial LED Outdoor Christmas Lights



EnergyRight Super Bright Commercial LED Christmas Lights feature a Patent Pending Extreme Weather Resistant threaded lamp holder design.

EnergyRight Commercial LED Christmas Lights save over 80% in energy costs versus incandescent lights and are backed by a 3 Year Replacement Guarantee!

Extreme Weather Resistant
Deluxe CoAxial or Standard 2 Pin
Connector Plugs
Patented turn-to-close threaded lamp holder construction insulates contacts from the elements. Providing a tight, secure lamp holder, that can also be opened if a lamp needs replacement.   Advanced circuitry employs diodes and capacitors to produce full-wave rectification of an A/C power signal resulting in a nearly constant average current for driving a LED light set.
Super Bright Interchangeable LED Lamps
Interchangeable lamps allow colors to be changed in any socket. This feature provides the versatility of being able to change the lamps to achieve various color combinations.
  Dependable Patented Technology
Allows set to continue operating even if a LED is loose, missing or burned out. Making it easy to identify if a lamp needs replacement.
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