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  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Warranty for EnergyRight LED Lights?
Our EnergyRight LED Light String Sets have a 3 Year Replacement Guarantee Click Here For Details >>

How much will I save by using EnergyRight LED lights versus standard incandescent lights? 
Click Here For Details >> 

What is the difference between Warm White , Cool White and Pure White?
Warm White LED lights emit a softer light that looks like the light emitted by standard incandescent Christmas lights. Cool White LED lights emit a slightly blueish color light. The pure White LED lights emit a bright clear light.

What is the difference between "Super Bright LED lights" and other LED lights?
Super Bright LEDs have better luminous efficacy than standard LED and therefore are able to generate higher light output.

Why should I use LED Holiday lights versus standard incandescent?
• LED lights last up to 10 times longer than incandescent Holiday lights
• LED lights can save over 85% in energy costs versus incandescent Holiday lights
• LED lights use solid state components and plastic lamp covers versus fragile filaments and glass bulbs
• LED lights generate very little heat, making them a safer, cool to the touch product

Why should I use your EnergyRight LED Light Strings versus other LED light strings?
Our EnergyRight LED light sets offer the best available technology at the best possible price!
Features include:
• Patent pending threaded lamp holder design provides Extreme Weather Resistance
• Replaceable and Interchangeable lamps for easy light string maintenance and color changes
• Sets will Continue to Operate even if a LED is loose or missing

How many LED lights can I connect together?
The Deluxe EnergyRight LED lights with Coaxial Connector plugs use heavy duty 20 Gauge Wire and 5 Amp Fuse.
A Maximum of 420 Watts should be connected together for Deluxe 20 Gauge Wire sets.
The EnergyRight LED lights with Standard 2 pin plug use 22 Gauge Wire and 3 Amp Fuse. A Maximum of 210 Watts should be connected together for 22 Gauge Wire sets.
You can view the electrical specification details for each style of EnergyRight Light Set by clicking the More Information area in the cart page.

Why are the Retrofit C9 Replacement bulbs larger than the 26 Light C9 set bulbs?

The Retrofit C9 LED Replacement bulbs have larger bases so that they can fit into the same E17 lamp holder sockets that are used for traditional Incandescent C9 light sets. Our Retrofit LED C9 Replacement bulbs use three Diodes to brightly illuminate these larger bulbs. The 26 Light C9 LED Light Set is constructed differently using much smaller lamp holders which only require one Diode to brightly illuminate the bulbs. The 26 Light C9 LED Light sets utilize a shorter more compact bulb to maximize the visual brightness emitted by the Diode and feature 8 inch bulb spacing. Traditional E17 socket light sets usually have 12 inch bulb spacing.  Click Here For Photo Comparison >>

How do I decide whether to order M5, C3, C5, C6 or C9 Style LED light sets?
Generally, the C9 LED lights are used for outdoor applications such as Roof lines, Pathways and large Trees. The C3 and C5 LED lights are Traditional style bulbs that are particularly attractive on Wreaths, Garlands, artificial trees and fresh cut Trees. The M5 and C6 LED lights are all purpose mini light bulbs that can be used for all indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Click Here For Additional Comparison Information >>

How many light sets do I need for artificial and fresh cut trees ?
It varies depending on the diameter of your tree. See Below for our general recommendations for total lights needed. 

Tree Height
Total Light Quantity Needed By Light Style
Miniature Lights C3 lights C5 Lights
6.5 Ft
7 Ft
7.5 Ft
9 Ft
12 Ft
400 - 500 Lights 300 - 350 Lights 250 - 300 Lights
500 - 700 Lights 350 - 500 Lights 350 - 400 Lights
700 - 900 Lights 500 - 700 Lights 500 - 600 Lights
1000 - 1200 Lights 900 - 1100 Lights 800 - 900 Lights
1500 - 1800 Lights 1200 - 1500 Lights 1000 - 1200 Lights

How many light sets do I need for my project?
First determine the total number of feet you want to decorate.

If you plan to use our 50 Light M5, C3, C5 or C6 Sets:
Enter Total Feet Needed Here

If you to use our C9 LED Sets:
Enter Total Feet Needed Here

If you plan to use our 100 Light M5 or C6 Lights:
Enter Total Feet Needed Here

Will EnergyRight lights continue to operate even if a bulb is burned out?
Yes, thanks to Patented Technology, EnergyRight LED lights will continue to operate even if a bulb is burned out, loose or missing!

How do I replace the Fuses in my LED light set?
Replacement fuses are included in small bag near the end of each light set.
Click Here For Information on how to replace fuses >>

Can I use your LED lights all year?
You can, but doing so will void the warranty . The Warranty is Only for 90 Day Seasonal use. Leaving light sets up all year exposes the wires to excessive UV rays from the sun which can cause degradation. In addition,removing light sets that have been left  inside growing trees and bushes all year can result in damage to the sets .

Can I connect standard incandescent Christmas lights together with your LED Christmas light sets ?
No! Do Not connect incandescent lights with LED lights.

Can I  connect LED light sets made by other companies  together with your EnergyRight LED light sets?
Yes. However, we do not recommend doing so. Using sets with different wattage can result in overloading circuit. It is important that you know the cumulative wattage of the sets being connected to avoid circuit overloads.

Why do Christmas lights have a warning label about lead?
All Christmas lights have trace amounts of lead in the PVC wire . The State of California requires that all Christmas light sets with trace amounts of lead exceeding 300ppm must be labeled with a warning for a presence of lead. It has been determined by California State's Scientific Advisory Board that continuous close exposure over an approximate 70 year time span could increase your risk of developing cancer.
We are proud to note that  our EnergyRight Christmas light sets are produced with Low Lead Wire.
The traces of lead in the light set wire does not exceed 300 ppm ,  meeting the requirements of the American Society For Testing And Materials ( ASTM F963-07 ). However, please be aware that these products are not intended for use by children . If children come in contact with these products, they should wash their hands as a precaution. Lead is considered dangerous to small children and their exposure should be kept to a minimum.

Why do you have both UL and CSA Logos noted on your Home Page?
Testing for the EnergyRight Retrofit Replacement bulbs is done by Underwriters Laboratories. Testing for the EnergyRight Light sets with 22 gauge wire and standard two pin plugs is done by Underwriters Laboratories. Testing for the EnergyRight Lights sets with heavy duty 20 gauge wire and coaxial plugs is done by CSA International. CSA International is accredited by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) as a nationally recognized testing laboratory.

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